At Prestige Time Services we offer a large range of services for your wrist watch


Our watch services cover both quartz and mechanical watches. Our servicing involves completely stripping down the movement in to its individual components, repairing and replacing any worn parts, cleaning the movement in a specialist cleaning machine, carefully building and replacing the parts one by one, oiling and lubricating where necessary, regulating and fully testing of the serviced movement. We ultrasonically clean the case and bracelet, reseal the case and then a final round of tests to the finished watch to ensure excellent timekeeping. A minimum one year’s warranty on all our labour giving you peace of mind.


We will replace the battery using Swiss Renata cells then remove the quartz movement so we can place the case and bracelet into an ultrasonic tank for cleaning. After ultrasonic cleaning the case and bracelet is steam cleaned and this process is carried out to ensure the case and bracelet is thoroughly cleaned. New seals are fitted and the movement is inserted back into the clean case. Necessary pressure tests are then carried out to manufacturers’ specifications. The watch is then set to time and tested.


Full watch restorations is one step further than full servicing. Normally reserved for vintage models the movement is completely stripped down and cleaned like a standard service. Train wheel jewels replaced, bushes replaced, holes closed, pivots polished, balance staffs replaced and hairsprings re-shaped. Completed movements normally have dials and hands restored if necessary. Any case work and re-plating would be done at the same time. Original crowns and glasses would be sourced to complete the restoration.


Where new original dials are no longer available, we can restore dials to as near to original as possible, bringing back to life water damaged and sun bleached dials.


New crowns and pushers can be fitted to your watch if they are damaged or just need replacing to keep your watch water resistant. Crowns and pushers can also be knocked off and the threads of screw down crowns can strip so we are replacing them on a regular basis. Plastic, mineral and sapphire glasses can all be replaced if requested.


We can refurbish cases and bracelets to remove dents and scratches to make your watch look new again. Any watch case and bracelet with polish and grain finishes can be valeted. We have special protective tapes that cover the polished surfaces so we can add a grain effect to the uncovered parts. A Rolex Jubilee bracelet is a good example of this with polished center links and grained finish outer links.


We can bead blast watch cases. All the cases have the light scratches removed and then the case is placed in our blaster and is blasted with tiny glass beads so the case has an even matt finish. The results are very impressive.


We can re-plate watch cases and bracelets to bring them back to their former glory. Any loose material is removed and light scratches polished out, then the prepared case or bracelet is sent off for re-plating.


We repair bracelets and also provide new links, clasps and buckles. Most watch bracelets can be repaired. We can provide spare parts from most off the major Swiss watch brands. We can also re-rivet worn bracelets on some watches. The original Tag Heuer SEL bracelets are a good example of this.


We use the latest vacuum and pressure testing equipment to check the water resistance of your watch. We carry out this process when we perform a battery and reseal or after a full service on your watch. We have five different testing machines combining wet/dry pressure, vacuum and condensation testers. Every watch is different so we need a complete range of specialist equipment.


Our Rolex accredited and Authorised Omega Level 3 watch repair workshop features some of the latest tools and equipment from manufacturers in Switzerland and around the rest of the world, including Rolex and Omega.  We also have traditional tools which are no longer manufactured.  We are in a purpose built, bespoke workshop with natural daylight, a climate controlled environment and we have specialist built fume cupboards for all our cleaning machines.

We are not situated in a bedroom of a house or in a converted garage. We don’t claim to be “doctors” in watchmaking working from a “kiosk”, “lab” or from a “hospital”. We are not a service agent company that handles watches and posts them off to separate companies. We are a professional company with the correct tooling and qualifications. Our workshop is fully insured by TH March. We believe that all this makes us stand out from other competitors in watchmaking, servicing and repair.

Prestige Time Services’ fully equipped modern workshop is located in Lymm, Cheshire. Our Swiss trained, British Horological Institute trained and Rolex accredited head Watchmaker Paul Brady (Grad BHI) has an extensive CV spanning over 18 years in this specialist trade and manages our team of watchmakers and technicians.


Paul attended the WOSTEP 3000 hour Swiss training and education program in Manchester in 1997, and at the same time gained his BHI qualifications in watch making.  Paul left the WOSTEP course not only passing, but gaining the highest mark in the country at that time.  Paul then applied his skills and knowledge at Rolex UK in Bexley, Kent.  He gained valuable and extensive expertise on Rolex watches.  Paul then left Rolex and returned to the North West.  Since then he has worked at many independent watch service companies and jewellers as head Watchmaker and has had a small team of Watchmakers and Technicians working for him.

We offer a wide range of services, including: repairs, services, restoration, batteries/reseals, watch buying service, pre-owned watches for sale, new crowns and glasses, dial restoration, case refurbishments, watch strap replacements and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  At Prestige Time Services all of our work is carried out by professionals who have gained all the relevant qualifications to work on watches. For details of our comprehensive watch servicing procedure click here.

The way watches are being repaired and serviced nowadays has changed from a watchmaker being based in a jewellery store where the watch was serviced or repaired on site.  Jewellery stores no longer have watchmakers on their premises so watches are now booked in and then posted to either a particular manufacturer or to an independent watchmaker usually without the customer's knowledge.

By having your watch serviced or repaired with us you can personally send your watch and insure it with the Royal Mail’s “Special Delivery” service or any UK courier, so you know your watch is safe and secure.  You can also drop off your watch with us at our secure drop off point in Lymm, Cheshire which is near the M60, M6 and M56 motorway network south of Greater Manchester.  We always return your watch via Royal Mail’s “Special Delivery” with the adequate insurance level chosen, so you can have peace of mind that your watch is looked after.


For information on our services and how we can service and repair your watch please view Our Services page.